LVL17 Art Group prepares Fair Market Value and Marketable Cash Value appraisals, which can be used by lenders to facilitate a structured loan using these assets as collateral.

  • LVL17 Art Group will prepare a certified fair market value or marketable cash value appraisal of personal property to be used to facilitate a loan using art and collections as collateral.
  • Loans using art as collateral can be used to finance new art acquisitions, fund investments, manage short-term cash needs, and achieve longer term asset allocation and estate planning goals. In most cases, artwork used as collateral can remain in the client’s home or office.
  • LVL17 Art Group has relationships with major banks who provide loans against art collections, as well as with alternate providers of capital for art loans. If needed, Winston Art Group can suggest and make introductions for clients to appropriate lenders.
  • LVL17 Art Group’s team of art market professionals can make suggestions as to which works of art within a collection are most appropriate to be used as collateral to meet the requirements of the lending institution.
  • Typically, our appraisers inspect the property in person and then return to the office to conduct market research. In some cases, we are able to complete appraisals without an on-site inspection, from provided images, description and documentation.
  • Appraisal documents are available in both hard copy and digital formats, and are easily accessible through our interactive collection management system. The appraisal document includes color digital images and full catalogue descriptions for each item, with values supported by appropriate market comparables. 
  • LVL17 Art Groups in collaboration with VERISART use blockchain technology to certify and track every piece in out collection.