• Winning Strategies With Forex Charts

    As you read forex charts, remember that the two fundamental approaches for online forex trading: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

    Fundamental analysis doesn't rely on forex charts. It scrutinizes political and economic indicators to determine trades. Charts here are deployed as used as a secondary reference.

    Technical analysis on the other hand, attempts to predict price swings by analysis of historical price activity. Those who use technical analysis study ...
  • Use Automated Forex Systems And Improve Your Bottom Line

    Forex trading (the buying and selling of one currency against another to capitalize on fluctuating currency values) never sleeps. With only very minor exceptions on the weekend, Forex trading is ongoing in some time zone, in some country of the world. There is no opening or closing bell on the Forex market....
  • Why self-love is crucial in entrepreneurship

    Yet, if self-love is so crucial to building a healthy self-esteem and helping us to be 
    successful, what prevents more of us from deepening our self-love? 
  • Trading Smart In The Forex Market

    Hundreds of thousands of individuals have already joined the FOREX market. If you are interested in a way to invest your money with quicker returns, FOREX may be perfect for you. But before you can begin earning money, you should thoroughly understand the FOREX market.
  • Is Forex For Me?

    There are plenty of times when you are likely to wonder exactly what Forex is and what can it really do to help you out. For many people Forex repr...
  • Avoiding Impulse Spending

    Answer these questions truthfully: Does your spouse or partner complain that you spend too much money? Are you surprised each month when your cred...
  • Self Improvement And Success Go Hand In Hand More Than You Think...

    How do you know if a person is willing to attain self improvement? This is a question with no definite answer. It will all depend on the individual.

    Many people have goals, dreams or ambitions but do not know how to go about achieving them. They may have thought about what would make up self improvement and their ideal life, but have no idea how to even begin to make the plans and take the actions required to make them a reality.

    Some people have a vague idea on how to
  • "Secrets of a Positive Attitude"

    Are you constantly bombarded by thoughts of negativity? Plagued by feelings of insecurity? Do you see everything in a negative manner? The reason for this lies deep within your heart.
  • Which Forex Trading System To Choose?

    A Forex trading system is a set of rules which are aimed to ensure that you are trading in a way that is free of bias and the influence of emotion. Most beginner traders will look to learn a forex trading system whereas more experienced traders will eventually move to build a trading system of their own.

    A good Forex trading system should look to encompass and cover for all possible eventualities which the markets may through up. In that ...
  • Why Trade The U.S. Dollar?

    The Forex is an informal marketplace where investors from around the world come to exchange one currency for another. In truth, the investor is buying one currency while simultaneously selling another. Dozens of currencies are exchanged and all at varying rates that fluctuate constantly. There is the potential for unlimited profits for investors that can accurately predict which way the rates will fluctuate for a given period of time. Before an investor can realize any gains
  • Trading Systems and The Carnot Cycle

    Your goal is to maximize your profits and thus your return on your trading capital. But how do you know if your trading is truly optimized or if there is room for improvement and more money to be made with it? If it could be better, is it you or your system and how can you tell?

    Trading systems, like automobile engines, are never 100% efficient and there are parallels between the two that can be useful to you.
  • Trading Forex? What's That?

    For too long I have had people ask me what is forex trading, well.... Foreign exchange (FOREX) trading, simply put, is the concurrent buying and tr...